3 Exclusive Travertine Pavers for our Customers in Perth

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In Perth, travertine pavers are a popular choice for people who would like to add a touch of class to their outdoor area. They look stylish, and can be easily used in a variety of landscaping settings such as patios areas, outdoor pool deck areas and backyards.

We would like to let the people of Perth know about our 3 travertine products, which have been brought exclusively to you by Giovanni Construction from our provider in the mountains of Turkey.

The three paving products are:

Domani Light Travertine

Royal Royce Travertine

Sub Zero Travertine

What Can I Use these Travertine Pavers for?

Each of our 3 products have unique qualities, and are suitable pavers to use for either residential or  commercial landscaping projects. By way of example, we’ve used the Domani Light and Royal Royce travertine for many residential projects for customers. They are a popular choice for outdoor areas for both new and established homes around Perth.  The Sub Zero travertine has been used at a local café in the Perth area.

What are the 3 different Travertine Pavers that Giovanni Construction offer at its Landscaping One Stop Shop?

Domani Light Travertine

The Domani Light is a premium grade French pattern tumbled travertine. Giovanni Construction are able to offer these pavers in two sizes: the 605mm x 305mm x 30mm and the 605mm x 405mm x 30mm.

Visit our Domain Light Travertine page to enquire about this product.

Contrasted against a cobblestone border trim, it makes for a smart looking outdoor area.

Royal Royce Travertine

The Royal Royce Travertine are premium grade, honed pavers available in size – 605mm x 405mm x 30mm. Looks great if you are looking for a smoother finish, compared to the more tumbled look of the Domani Light.

Visit our Royal Royce Travertine page to enquire about this product.


Sub Zero Travertine

Our third product is our Sub Zero Travertine which is a Premium Grade Tumbled Travertine, which is available in a French pattern – small or large.

The sizes are:

605mm x 305mm x 30mm

605mm x 405mm x 30mm

Please visit our Sub Zero Travertine page to enquire about this product.

Who can lay Travertine Pavers?

Due to the unique properties of travertine, it is advisable to get a professional landscaping team to have it laid properly. If you would like the job done properly, then we’ve got you covered.  We’ve completed many residential projects using travertine for many happy customers.

Travertine is a cool option for Perth’s hot summer.

Stay Tuned for our exclusive Hot, New Travertine Products!

Giovanni Construction specialises in travertine paving products – buy travertine from us direct or we can offer a supply and installation option by our professional landscaping team.

Call Gio on 0401 727 144 to chat about your next travertine landscaping project in Perth. contentpluginswp spamfreeimgwpsf img.php

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