The Elegant and Natural Stone Look of Limestone Pavers for Pools

limestone pavers pool landscaping project Perth

Bonita Stone Limestone Pavers, Pool Paving Project, Perth

We’ve just completed another residential limestone paving project in Perth, and one popular paver that we recommend to consider are the range of limestone pavers, sourced from one of our high quality paving supplier partners Bonita Stone.

These limestone pavers are available in a range of styles and patterns which make them well suited to use for a range of outdoor areas.

Their versatility means that they can add a professional touch to a pool outdoor area, and can also be used across the board to add a stylish contemporary feel to your outdoor living area.

Another great property of these premium limestone pavers is that because they are non slip and stain resistant, this makes them ideal for poolside areas.

Pool Coping

When review the landscaping design for pool paving areas, it is important to pay attention to the pool coping required.

This will usually involve choosing a selection of bullnose pavers to round off corners and to provide added safety around a wet environment.

Suitable pavers will also need to be selected for any steps, and retaining walls surrounding the pool.

To add a nice textural element to your next landscaping project, consider adding some pebble pattern pavers into the mix.

As well as serving the purpose of providing edging for your pool area, proper pool coping can enhances your outdoor area by providing an elegant touch with the right paving materials used.

If you live in Perth and need help with designing your next landscaping project, and would like to get some suggestions on what type of limestone pavers would be suitable to use, please feel free to contact Gio Group – Landscaping Direct.

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Mediterranean Travertine Pavers – Perfect for Perth

French travertine pool paving Carine Perth 3

French pattern Travertine pool paving project, Carine, Perth

Are you looking for quality Mediterranean Travertine Pavers for your home in Perth?

We’ve got a great range of premium pavers at Landscaping Direct to suit your outdoors area at home – ideal for landscaping a range of areas including alfresco and patio areas, and pool areas.

For paths and driveway areas, quality pavers installed properly will stand the test of time, and are low maintenance. They also make a nice contrast alongside landscaped garden beds.

Our Gio travertine pavers are well suited to a range of installations.

Travertine Pool Paving

One of our specialties at Gio Group – Landscaping Direct is the professional installation of pavers for your outdoor pool area.
Our travertine pavers come in a range of classic natural colours – they look great and are perfect for enhancing and showing off your pool deck area.

When paving around a pool area, it is important to make sure that the pool coping is done properly – this includes ensuring that the edging and stair areas are levelled correctly and installed professionally so that they will last in years to come.

Feel free to view our Pool Paving photo gallery of our latest projects.

If you’re not sure what pavers are best for your home project, or need someone to review your landscape design plans, talk to us at Gio Group – Landscaping Direct.
We’ve completed many residential landscaping projects around Perth and Western Australia, many projects using our own range of Gio travertine pavers.

Our range of popular pavers including Domani Natural, Roma, Royal Royce, Sub Zero and Valencia French travertine have been a popular choice for  home owners around Perth who love the classic Mediterranean look that is the travertine look.

Need Help with your next Landscaping Project?

As the travertine paving specialists in Perth we are able to help out with the following:

review the plans for your proposed landscaping project;

estimate the area of paving required;

provide advice on which travertine materials would best suit your project;

show you our range of travertine pavers;

provide a free no obligation quote;

We take great care and great pride to ensure the professional installation of your pavers, along with providing friendly customer service.

It is important to protect one of your most important assets – your house, and professional landscaping and paving can add immense value when later down the track, you may decide to sell your house.

Contact us at Gio Group – Landscaping Direct today about your next travertine paving project in Perth.

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Gio Group Up North Completing Stone Paving At The Quarter Karratha Project


karratha quarter project pilbara giovanni construction 1

The Quarter Karratha project, Pilbara region

Our Natural stone Teams from Gio Group –  have been hard at work up north in Karratha working on The Quarter Karratha  project for Frogmat Landscape Construction.

The Quarter Karratha project once completed will be a great new modern facility that will provide both residential and commercial amenities. It consists of The Quarter Apartments which will be single modern apartments to provide accommodation for people working in the Pilbara region, and some commercial accommodation and retail shops for businesses.

Stage 1 of the Karratha Quarter project is now completed.

As you can see from the above photos, our team were very busy completing a range of Stone paving for the project.

We also celebrated the completion of Stage 1 with a well earned meal for all the team at Gio Group that worked so hard on this project. We are really proud of our guys for pushing through to complete this project. Thanks so much.

Gio Group –  are available to complete projects up north in the Pilbara Region. If you would like to make contact with us to discuss any projects up north that you would like completed in the Pilbara region, please Contact Gio Group on : 0437 534 863


Domani Natural & Sahara Travertine – Popular Choices from our One Stop Shop at Landscaping Direct


gio travertine pavers domani natural

Photo: Domani Natural Travertine, Landscaping Direct Perth

In this article, we’d like to introduce a few more popular travertine pavers that are available exclusively through Giovanni Construction – Landscaping Direct, Perth.

They are the Domani Natural and Sahara Travertine pavers. As is usual with travertine, each paver will have a unique quality, with a slight variation in its patterns. That is what one of the characteristics that makes travertine so unique.

Domani Natural Travertine

The Domani Natural is a great choice if you love a natural travertine look. They are stylish pavers that can add that finishing touch to a pool paving outdoor area.

The Domani Natural travertine is a French pattern paver available in the size 605mm x 310mm x 30mm. In the above photo from one of your projects completed, the pool forms a centrepiece to the outdoor area, alongside a sheltered patio area, with garden beds alongside the fence line that can be kept nice and tidy. With this set up, the home owner can enjoy a pleasant outdoor area that is low maintenance to upkeep.

gio sahara travertine pavers perthPhoto: Sahara Travertine, Landscaping Direct Perth

Sahara Travertine

For a unique desert theme with reddish orange undertones, the Sahara Travertine is the paver of choice. In a recent project, we landscaped a poolside area within a natural bush setting using the Sahara Travertine. The paver colours are vibrant and natural looking and are another one of our popular travertine pavers that Giovanni Construction Landscaping Direct in Perth is able to offer to its customers. We can organise to supply and install pavers of your choice, with the installation completed by our specialist teams of travertine paving experts.

Travertine is a popular choice in Perth. We stock an exclusive range of travertine pavers in Perth at our One Stop Shop at Giovanni Construction – Landscaping Direct.

Visit this page to view Landscaping Direct’s range of travertine pavers in Perth.

Natural Limestone Pavers for your next Landscaping Project


limestone pavers perth Bonita Stone Sandstone Natural Duncraig

Limestone Pavers, Bonita Stone Sandstone, Duncraig, Perth

Have you considered using limestone pavers for your next landscaping project in Perth?

Limestone pavers are extremely versatile, and can be used for outdoor living areas such as your outdoor pool area, alfresco and patio areas and for well trafficked areas such as driveways and paths to your home.

With outdoor pool paving areas, they can add a stylish touch to your landscaping design. They are a perfect all weather type of pavers, suitable for keeping your outdoor area cool during the hot summer days, and their natural tones provide a warm ambiance for the cooler, winter months.

At Giovanni Construction – Landscaping Direct, we only stock limestone pavers of the highest quality premium grade. We are proud to partner with Bonita Stone. We have a wide selection of pavers, from standard sized natural smooth pavers –  400 x 400 mm and 300 x 600 mm available in a thickness of either 40mm or 60mm, through to lots of bullnose options for use around pools, steps and for edging and corners.  Paving colours range from beige, limestone and sandstone hues through to darker chocolate tones.
We are able to supply limestone pavers for both residential and commercial uses.

For commercial landscaping projects in Perth, our teams are well experienced with working on a range of projects ranging from small to large scale projects.

For residential projects, have a chat with us to discuss the proposed layout of your landscaping area. In your sketch, remember to take into account all the various features of your landscaped area – it may include a combination of stylish limestone paving complemented by a feature wall or two, a special water feature, along with low maintenance artificial grass. Remember to allow for border paving when designing your outdoor area.

Please note that Landscaping Direct are able to offer our professional teams to supply and install both paving and artificial turf at the same time.

Landscaping Direct are a One Stop Shop for a complete range of landscaping products and your go to friendly landscaping team. Talk to us about how we can help you with your next landscaping project.

Feel free to check out the range of limestone pavers. Please visit our Limestone Pavers Product Page.

Porcelain Pavers Lastra20 Pave the Way in Perth

Landscaping Direct Rema Stone Porcelain Pavers
Porcelain Pavers Lastra 20, Perth

At Giovanni Construction, we only use the highest quality pavers for landscaping and paving projects, and one such range of pavers that we’ve been using a lot of lately is the Lastra20 range of porcelain pavers by Remastone.

For our recent projects, we have used Lastra 20mm porcelain pavers to landscape and beautify outdoor areas for residential homes. They are a perfect application to create an attractive, well paved low maintenance alfresco area for relaxing in.

In addition to paving for alfresco, patios, and outdoor areas, these type of porcelain pavers are also well suited to be used around swimming pool paving areas, as they are slip resistance.

Features of the Lastra 20 Porcelain Pavers

Boasting the features of both functionality and aesthetic appeal, they make a perfect choice for your outdoor paving area, whether for residential or commercial landscaping in Perth.

From a maintenance view point, they are resilient to the natural elements, and are able to stand the test of time to maintain their durability over time. Other low maintenance features include resistance to stains, and easy to clean properties.

Colour Range

The lastra20 comes in a great range of natural tones. For beige colours with a light brown undertone, the Lastra Axi Brown or the Lastra Greige would be a good choice. Other popular Lastra20 colours by Rema Stone in similar tones, include the Axi Gold Wood, the Jerusalem Ivory and the Axi White.

For discerning customers who like grey undertones, the Lastra Mark Chrome would be a suitable choice, and those who like marble look pavers could choose either the Marvel Grey Marble or the Marvel White Marble.

Landscaping Direct is a one stop shop for all your landscaping needs – we can supply and install all pavers including the latest range of porcelain pavers.

To get your next landscaping project in Perth started, please contact Giovanni Construction by email or
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Showcasing some of our Commercial Landscaping Projects in Perth

Our teams at Giovanni Construction have been busy, busy, busy to say the least in the last couple of months as we’ve finished up on some major commercial paving projects around Perth.

In this article, we also wanted to share with you some of the commercial landscaping projects that we’ve completed around Perth.

The New Bold Park Aquatic Centre, City Beach

This one is hot off the press, and the Bold Park Aquatic Centre will be reopening very soon and finishing touches are being applied this month. We completed the landscaping for the outdoor pool areas as part of the tender to Doric Group, and as you can see from the photo above, the swimming pool outdoor area with its new 10 lane 50 square metre pool is ready for everyone to take a big splash this summer and to enjoy the beautiful surrounds.


Beaufort St Arcade, Mt Lawley

Beaufort Street Mall Mt Lawley paving project cobblestone pavers

We completed the paving for the Beaufort Street Mall recently and it now features some brand new cobblestone paving contrasted on each side with some large sized robust pavers that is all ready for pedestrian traffic.


Masonmill Family Restaurant, Carmel

Masonmill Restaurant Carmel landscaping Perth project

In an earlier article this year, we featured some photos of the paving that we completed for the Rose Heritage Café and Restaurant. Recently, we completed the next stage of the landscaping for this awesome restaurant.

We’ve landscaped the outdoor area to add the final touches, so please head on down to the Masonmill Family Restaurant, Carmel. It’s a lovely place to visit to grab a cup of coffee, or to enjoy the beautiful pond areas. During spring time, it is especially beautiful with the flowers and trees in blossom.


Masonmill restaurant Carmel Giovanni Lane Giovanni Construction

We even had a garden named after us (see photo above). How cool is that! Thanks Carl Holmes of Masonmill Family Restaurant. We are honoured.


Subiaco Square, Subiaco

Subiaco Square paving contractors perth

Another commercial project hot off the press are the landscape paving areas completed at Subiaco Square near the train station.

This one was a challenging project having to deal with the shop owners and customers – we had some crazy nights to get it all done and we’re happy to report that we’re all done with this project, and the paving for the shopping precinct is all complete.


Winthrop Shopping Centre, Winthrop

Winthrop Shopping Centre commercial paving perth

The paving here at the Winthrop Shopping Centre in the suburb south of the river in Winthrop was looking a tad old and tired, and was in need of a good overhaul, so Giovanni Construction came to the rescue. The photo taken above is of one of the main entrances to the shopping centre.

It’s a busy entrance point to the shopping centre, so was in need of some heavy duty paving for the high pedestrian thoroughfare that it gets every day. It’s now been overhauled and ready for all the customers at the shopping centre.

So that’s a quick wrap up of some of the commercial projects that Giovanni Construction has completed in the past months.

Stay tuned to hear about the next exciting chapter as Giovanni Construction completes more paving and landscaping projects around Perth.
We’ve not had much of a breather since completing these commercial projects, and we are now on to completing lots of residential projects in the lead up to Christmas.

So customers in Perth, if you require a residential paving project completed before Christmas, please let us know ahead of time, as we’ve got lots of projects on the go, and we don’t want you to miss out.

Call Gio on 0401 727 144 or contact us by email.


Are you Ready for Spring in Perth? – It’s Time to Create the Perfect Outdoor Oasis for your Home

Winter is over, and with the brilliant spring weather that we are getting in Perth, it’s the perfect time to step outside to enjoy the beauty of your own outdoor area in your own home and to catch a bit of sunshine.

Here are some tips on getting started with your next outdoor landscaping project for your home.

When working with our customers, these are some of the common signs that it’s time for a makeover of your outdoor area.

Outdoor paving areas with pavers that are cracked, broken, faded, looking plain tired or uneven because they have not been properly laid;

Use of unsuitable paving materials for heavily trafficked areas such as paths, and driveways;

Unsightly weed problem in grass areas – it might be time to get some low maintenance artificial turf down along with modern, stylish looking pavers;

For new home owners who have just moved into their new home, the look of unsightly sand everywhere. We can supply and install quality pavers in your outdoor areas, to provide easy access to outdoor areas of your home.

What kind of Pavers should I select for my Outdoor Area?

If your outdoor area is in need of a makeover, we’ve got you covered with our one stop for landscaping products in our new display showroom in Wangara. We can supply or supply and install a range of paving products ranging from travertine to granite, as well as other landscaping products, such as retaining walls, cobblestone borders,  water features, and driveway paving, and outdoor paving for pool areas.

Our pavers come in many different styles and pattern, look stylish, are low maintenance, and are a smart choice if you are looking to add value to your property. The photo above in this article is a residential paving project that we completed for one of our customers in Landsdale using the high quality Domani Travertine pavers product which you can purchase direct from us.

Are you Moving into a New House in Perth and require our paving expertise?

If you are about to move into your new home, you’ll probably be faced with a ton of sand everywhere outside your house. Our landscaping teams at Giovanni Construction can get you sorted – we are able to provide advice on suitable pavers to select for the different outdoor areas of your home – whether it is the paving for your driveway, for the paths running alongside your fence lines, or your alfresco / patio area. We also specialise in installing paving for outdoor pool areas.

Contact Giovanni Construction

We are your premier One Stop Shop for Landscaping – call us to discuss your next outdoor landscaping project – we can supply or supply and install a range of pavers and other landscaping services.

Please email our friendly team or call Gio on 0401 727 144
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to get the best service and best value landscape supplies in Perth.


3 Exclusive Travertine Pavers for our Customers in Perth

In Perth, travertine pavers are a popular choice for people who would like to add a touch of class to their outdoor area. They look stylish, and can be easily used in a variety of landscaping settings such as patios areas, outdoor pool deck areas and backyards.

We would like to let the people of Perth know about our 3 travertine products, which have been brought exclusively to you by Giovanni Construction from our provider in the mountains of Turkey.

The three paving products are:

Domani Light Travertine

Royal Royce Travertine

Sub Zero Travertine

What Can I Use these Travertine Pavers for?

Each of our 3 products have unique qualities, and are suitable pavers to use for either residential or  commercial landscaping projects. By way of example, we’ve used the Domani Light and Royal Royce travertine for many residential projects for customers. They are a popular choice for outdoor areas for both new and established homes around Perth.  The Sub Zero travertine has been used at a local café in the Perth area.

What are the 3 different Travertine Pavers that Giovanni Construction offer at its Landscaping One Stop Shop?

Domani Light Travertine

The Domani Light is a premium grade French pattern tumbled travertine. Giovanni Construction are able to offer these pavers in two sizes: the 605mm x 305mm x 30mm and the 605mm x 405mm x 30mm.

Visit our Domain Light Travertine page to enquire about this product.

Contrasted against a cobblestone border trim, it makes for a smart looking outdoor area.

Royal Royce Travertine

The Royal Royce Travertine are premium grade, honed pavers available in size – 605mm x 405mm x 30mm. Looks great if you are looking for a smoother finish, compared to the more tumbled look of the Domani Light.

Visit our Royal Royce Travertine page to enquire about this product.


Sub Zero Travertine

Our third product is our Sub Zero Travertine which is a Premium Grade Tumbled Travertine, which is available in a French pattern – small or large.

The sizes are:

605mm x 305mm x 30mm

605mm x 405mm x 30mm

Please visit our Sub Zero Travertine page to enquire about this product.

Who can lay Travertine Pavers?

Due to the unique properties of travertine, it is advisable to get a professional landscaping team to have it laid properly. If you would like the job done properly, then we’ve got you covered.  We’ve completed many residential projects using travertine for many happy customers.

Travertine is a cool option for Perth’s hot summer.

Stay Tuned for our exclusive Hot, New Travertine Products!

Giovanni Construction specialises in travertine paving products – buy travertine from us direct or we can offer a supply and installation option by our professional landscaping team.

Call Gio on 0401 727 144 to chat about your next travertine landscaping project in Perth.


Your One Stop Shop Landscaping & Paving Specialists in Perth

Our New Display Showroom
Giovanni Construction – Landscaping Direct

Are you looking for a one stop shop where you can buy all your paving in Perth and get it installed by a professional team?

Then we’ve got you covered at Giovanni Construction – your one stop shop for all your paving and landscaping needs in Perth.

We have shifted from our office in Malaga to Wangara, and we are currently setting up our display showroom to offer the best range of quality paving products for all our customers in Perth.

Please note that you can order your brick pavers direct from us now, though we are currently in the process of setting up our display showroom.

Some of the benefits that we can offer to our customers in Perth:

We can save you the time and hassle of shopping around – you’ll be able to come to our convenient display showroom and easily select brick paving and landscaping products for your next home landscaping project all under one roof;

Order your brick pavers direct from us and save money;

We are able to offer an extensive range of pavers from our exclusive range at Gio Construction. Some of our popular options for paving materials include:

In addition, we’ll also be rolling out other landscaping products such as artificial turf, water features, outdoor pool landscaping and natural stone and limestone retaining walls.

We can supply or supply and install all the materials for your next landscaping project depending on your requirements.

Where Can I find the best Travertine in Perth?

A lot of our customers come to us for travertine and limestone paving supplies and installations.
Stay tuned as we release our new travertine paving products. If you are interested to talk to us about using travertine for your next landscaping project, please visit our page to register your interest to use travertine for your next project.

Please register your interest in travertine paving in Perth here:

Need Ideas? – Talk to Us about your Next Landscaping Project

If you need some ideas for your next outdoor home renovation project, give us a ring to talk to us about your next outdoor landscaping project.

You can either buy your pavers direct from us and then “do it yourself”, or if DIY is not your thing, we also offer a convenient one stop shop where you can purchase your pavers and then have our professional team install your pavers.

Call Gio on 0401 727 144 to get professional advice about your landscaping project or

Email us via our Contact Us Form.