Domani Natural & Sahara Travertine – Popular Choices from our One Stop Shop at Landscaping Direct

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gio travertine pavers domani natural

Photo: Domani Natural Travertine, Landscaping Direct Perth

In this article, we’d like to introduce a few more popular travertine pavers that are available exclusively through Giovanni Construction – Landscaping Direct, Perth.

They are the Domani Natural and Sahara Travertine pavers. As is usual with travertine, each paver will have a unique quality, with a slight variation in its patterns. That is what one of the characteristics that makes travertine so unique.

Domani Natural Travertine

The Domani Natural is a great choice if you love a natural travertine look. They are stylish pavers that can add that finishing touch to a pool paving outdoor area.

The Domani Natural travertine is a French pattern paver available in the size 605mm x 310mm x 30mm. In the above photo from one of your projects completed, the pool forms a centrepiece to the outdoor area, alongside a sheltered patio area, with garden beds alongside the fence line that can be kept nice and tidy. With this set up, the home owner can enjoy a pleasant outdoor area that is low maintenance to upkeep.

gio sahara travertine pavers perthPhoto: Sahara Travertine, Landscaping Direct Perth

Sahara Travertine

For a unique desert theme with reddish orange undertones, the Sahara Travertine is the paver of choice. In a recent project, we landscaped a poolside area within a natural bush setting using the Sahara Travertine. The paver colours are vibrant and natural looking and are another one of our popular travertine pavers that Giovanni Construction Landscaping Direct in Perth is able to offer to its customers. We can organise to supply and install pavers of your choice, with the installation completed by our specialist teams of travertine paving experts.

Travertine is a popular choice in Perth. We stock an exclusive range of travertine pavers in Perth at our One Stop Shop at Giovanni Construction – Landscaping Direct.

Visit this page to view Landscaping Direct’s range of travertine pavers in Perth. contentpluginswp spamfreeimgwpsf img.php

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