Porcelain Pavers Lastra20 Pave the Way in Perth

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Landscaping Direct Rema Stone Porcelain Pavers
Porcelain Pavers Lastra 20, Perth

At Giovanni Construction, we only use the highest quality pavers for landscaping and paving projects, and one such range of pavers that we’ve been using a lot of lately is the Lastra20 range of porcelain pavers by Remastone.

For our recent projects, we have used Lastra 20mm porcelain pavers to landscape and beautify outdoor areas for residential homes. They are a perfect application to create an attractive, well paved low maintenance alfresco area for relaxing in.

In addition to paving for alfresco, patios, and outdoor areas, these type of porcelain pavers are also well suited to be used around swimming pool paving areas, as they are slip resistance.

Features of the Lastra 20 Porcelain Pavers

Boasting the features of both functionality and aesthetic appeal, they make a perfect choice for your outdoor paving area, whether for residential or commercial landscaping in Perth.

From a maintenance view point, they are resilient to the natural elements, and are able to stand the test of time to maintain their durability over time. Other low maintenance features include resistance to stains, and easy to clean properties.

Colour Range

The lastra20 comes in a great range of natural tones. For beige colours with a light brown undertone, the Lastra Axi Brown or the Lastra Greige would be a good choice. Other popular Lastra20 colours by Rema Stone in similar tones, include the Axi Gold Wood, the Jerusalem Ivory and the Axi White.

For discerning customers who like grey undertones, the Lastra Mark Chrome would be a suitable choice, and those who like marble look pavers could choose either the Marvel Grey Marble or the Marvel White Marble.

Landscaping Direct is a one stop shop for all your landscaping needs – we can supply and install all pavers including the latest range of porcelain pavers.

To get your next landscaping project in Perth started, please contact Giovanni Construction by email or
call Gio on Mobile 0401 727 144 to discuss your next paving project.


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