Showcasing some of our Commercial Landscaping Projects in Perth

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Our teams at Giovanni Construction have been busy, busy, busy to say the least in the last couple of months as we’ve finished up on some major commercial paving projects around Perth.

In this article, we also wanted to share with you some of the commercial landscaping projects that we’ve completed around Perth.

The New Bold Park Aquatic Centre, City Beach

This one is hot off the press, and the Bold Park Aquatic Centre will be reopening very soon and finishing touches are being applied this month. We completed the landscaping for the outdoor pool areas as part of the tender to Doric Group, and as you can see from the photo above, the swimming pool outdoor area with its new 10 lane 50 square metre pool is ready for everyone to take a big splash this summer and to enjoy the beautiful surrounds.


Beaufort St Arcade, Mt Lawley

Beaufort Street Mall Mt Lawley paving project cobblestone pavers

We completed the paving for the Beaufort Street Mall recently and it now features some brand new cobblestone paving contrasted on each side with some large sized robust pavers that is all ready for pedestrian traffic.


Masonmill Family Restaurant, Carmel

Masonmill Restaurant Carmel landscaping Perth project

In an earlier article this year, we featured some photos of the paving that we completed for the Rose Heritage Café and Restaurant. Recently, we completed the next stage of the landscaping for this awesome restaurant.

We’ve landscaped the outdoor area to add the final touches, so please head on down to the Masonmill Family Restaurant, Carmel. It’s a lovely place to visit to grab a cup of coffee, or to enjoy the beautiful pond areas. During spring time, it is especially beautiful with the flowers and trees in blossom.


Masonmill restaurant Carmel Giovanni Lane Giovanni Construction

We even had a garden named after us (see photo above). How cool is that! Thanks Carl Holmes of Masonmill Family Restaurant. We are honoured.


Subiaco Square, Subiaco

Subiaco Square paving contractors perth

Another commercial project hot off the press are the landscape paving areas completed at Subiaco Square near the train station.

This one was a challenging project having to deal with the shop owners and customers – we had some crazy nights to get it all done and we’re happy to report that we’re all done with this project, and the paving for the shopping precinct is all complete.


Winthrop Shopping Centre, Winthrop

Winthrop Shopping Centre commercial paving perth

The paving here at the Winthrop Shopping Centre in the suburb south of the river in Winthrop was looking a tad old and tired, and was in need of a good overhaul, so Giovanni Construction came to the rescue. The photo taken above is of one of the main entrances to the shopping centre.

It’s a busy entrance point to the shopping centre, so was in need of some heavy duty paving for the high pedestrian thoroughfare that it gets every day. It’s now been overhauled and ready for all the customers at the shopping centre.

So that’s a quick wrap up of some of the commercial projects that Giovanni Construction has completed in the past months.

Stay tuned to hear about the next exciting chapter as Giovanni Construction completes more paving and landscaping projects around Perth.
We’ve not had much of a breather since completing these commercial projects, and we are now on to completing lots of residential projects in the lead up to Christmas.

So customers in Perth, if you require a residential paving project completed before Christmas, please let us know ahead of time, as we’ve got lots of projects on the go, and we don’t want you to miss out.

Call Gio on 0401 727 144 or contact us by email. contentpluginswp spamfreeimgwpsf img.php

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