The Elegant and Natural Stone Look of Limestone Pavers for Pools

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Bonita Stone Limestone Pavers, Pool Paving Project, Perth

We’ve just completed another residential limestone paving project in Perth, and one popular paver that we recommend to consider are the range of limestone pavers, sourced from one of our high quality paving supplier partners Bonita Stone.

These limestone pavers are available in a range of styles and patterns which make them well suited to use for a range of outdoor areas.

Their versatility means that they can add a professional touch to a pool outdoor area, and can also be used across the board to add a stylish contemporary feel to your outdoor living area.

Another great property of these premium limestone pavers is that because they are non slip and stain resistant, this makes them ideal for poolside areas.

Pool Coping

When review the landscaping design for pool paving areas, it is important to pay attention to the pool coping required.

This will usually involve choosing a selection of bullnose pavers to round off corners and to provide added safety around a wet environment.

Suitable pavers will also need to be selected for any steps, and retaining walls surrounding the pool.

To add a nice textural element to your next landscaping project, consider adding some pebble pattern pavers into the mix.

As well as serving the purpose of providing edging for your pool area, proper pool coping can enhances your outdoor area by providing an elegant touch with the right paving materials used.

If you live in Perth and need help with designing your next landscaping project, and would like to get some suggestions on what type of limestone pavers would be suitable to use, please feel free to contact Gio Group – Landscaping Direct.

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Natural Limestone Pavers for your next Landscaping Project


limestone pavers perth Bonita Stone Sandstone Natural Duncraig

Limestone Pavers, Bonita Stone Sandstone, Duncraig, Perth

Have you considered using limestone pavers for your next landscaping project in Perth?

Limestone pavers are extremely versatile, and can be used for outdoor living areas such as your outdoor pool area, alfresco and patio areas and for well trafficked areas such as driveways and paths to your home.

With outdoor pool paving areas, they can add a stylish touch to your landscaping design. They are a perfect all weather type of pavers, suitable for keeping your outdoor area cool during the hot summer days, and their natural tones provide a warm ambiance for the cooler, winter months.

At Giovanni Construction – Landscaping Direct, we only stock limestone pavers of the highest quality premium grade. We are proud to partner with Bonita Stone. We have a wide selection of pavers, from standard sized natural smooth pavers –  400 x 400 mm and 300 x 600 mm available in a thickness of either 40mm or 60mm, through to lots of bullnose options for use around pools, steps and for edging and corners.  Paving colours range from beige, limestone and sandstone hues through to darker chocolate tones.
We are able to supply limestone pavers for both residential and commercial uses.

For commercial landscaping projects in Perth, our teams are well experienced with working on a range of projects ranging from small to large scale projects.

For residential projects, have a chat with us to discuss the proposed layout of your landscaping area. In your sketch, remember to take into account all the various features of your landscaped area – it may include a combination of stylish limestone paving complemented by a feature wall or two, a special water feature, along with low maintenance artificial grass. Remember to allow for border paving when designing your outdoor area.

Please note that Landscaping Direct are able to offer our professional teams to supply and install both paving and artificial turf at the same time.

Landscaping Direct are a One Stop Shop for a complete range of landscaping products and your go to friendly landscaping team. Talk to us about how we can help you with your next landscaping project.

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