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At Prostone Australia we are currently working with many of our customers to install artificial grass (also known as artificial turf) in their outdoor areas and backyards. Some of our customers are choosing to put down artificial grass when building a new home, while others want to replace high maintenance natural grass areas with synthetic grass.

In Brisbane, there has been a growing demand for the installation of artificial grass, and that is where Prostone comes into the picture.

Why artificial turf?

There are many reasons why artificial turf is a good choice for your outdoor area in Perth.

It’s low maintenance and looks great in the backyard or around the pool;

You don’t need to worry about fertilisers or pesticides;

It will reduce your water consumption and lower your water bills;

It can withstand lots of wear and tear;

Save on lawn maintenance costs such as mowing your lawn, trimming the edges, clearing the lawn of grass clippings etc.

Installing Artificial Turf

It is important that your artificial grass be installed properly.

The initial steps involve clearing away the proposed area and getting it ready for the turf installation.

In getting ready for your grass installation, it is a good idea to measure out the area that you have in mind for the installation.

It is also a good idea to allow for some extra length and width when ordering the synthetic grass.

The next stage is to prepare the base properly.

The final step is to lay the artificial turf, making sure that it has been installed according to specifications.

If you need artificial grass installed in Brisbane, talk to the experts here at Prostone.

We can help with all aspects of your artificial turf installation.

Call Prostone on 0467 895 252.