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Our New Display Showroom
Giovanni Construction – Landscaping Direct

Are you looking for a one stop shop where you can buy all your paving in Perth and get it installed by a professional team?

Then we’ve got you covered at Giovanni Construction – your one stop shop for all your paving and landscaping needs in Perth.

We have shifted from our office in Malaga to Wangara, and we are currently setting up our display showroom to offer the best range of quality paving products for all our customers in Perth.

Please note that you can order your brick pavers direct from us now, though we are currently in the process of setting up our display showroom.

Some of the benefits that we can offer to our customers in Perth:

We can save you the time and hassle of shopping around – you’ll be able to come to our convenient display showroom and easily select brick paving and landscaping products for your next home landscaping project all under one roof;

Order your brick pavers direct from us and save money;

We are able to offer an extensive range of pavers from our exclusive range at Gio Construction. Some of our popular options for paving materials include:

In addition, we’ll also be rolling out other landscaping products such as artificial turf, water features, outdoor pool landscaping and natural stone and limestone retaining walls.

We can supply or supply and install all the materials for your next landscaping project depending on your requirements.

Where Can I find the best Travertine in Perth?

A lot of our customers come to us for travertine and limestone paving supplies and installations.
Stay tuned as we release our new travertine paving products. If you are interested to talk to us about using travertine for your next landscaping project, please visit our page to register your interest to use travertine for your next project.

Please register your interest in travertine paving in Perth here:

Need Ideas? – Talk to Us about your Next Landscaping Project

If you need some ideas for your next outdoor home renovation project, give us a ring to talk to us about your next outdoor landscaping project.

You can either buy your pavers direct from us and then “do it yourself”, or if DIY is not your thing, we also offer a convenient one stop shop where you can purchase your pavers and then have our professional team install your pavers.

Call Gio on 0401 727 144 to get professional advice about your landscaping project or

Email us via our Contact Us Form. contentpluginswp spamfreeimgwpsf img.php

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